About The Owners

Brad and Kathy Thompson

Brad and Kathy Thompson, owners of Beachcomber Hot Tubs in Kingston, were married in 1998 in the Caribbean. It was a blast, literally! Hurricane Mitch was making his presence felt through out the islands.

What fun! Honestly who would get married in the Caribbean during Huricane season?

They are the proud parent and stepparent of two boys, the oldest living and working in Vancouver, BC, while the youngest lives and attends University in Montreal.

Brad was born and raised west of the city in the rural community of Bath Ontario and Kathy was born and raised east of the city in the Lansdowne area. Today they reside in a home built with the help of neighbors, friends and family members, on property which was once the Thompson family homestead.

Both Brad and Kathy have invested over 20 years each in the water treatment industry and are actively involved in the day to day business of B.K. Spa Service Ltd.

Humor witnessed regularly at Beachcomber Kingston is no more apparent than it is as they describe their roles in the business; "Brad is Install and Service and Kath is Everything Else". Of course this is not true they are both responsible for your customer service and they both take it very seriously.